KJV Dictionary Definition: about


ABOUT', prep. Gr. butan, without, see but, literally, around, on the outside.

1. Around; on the exterior part or surface.

Bind them about thy neck. Prov. iii. 3. Isa. l. Hence,

2. Near to in place, with the sense of circularity.

Get you up from about the tabernacle. Num. xvi.

3. Near to in time.

He went out about the third hour. Mat. xxi. 3.

4. Near to, in action, or near to the performance of some act.

Paul was about to open his mouth.

They were about to flee out of the ship. Acts, 28:14 - 28:30.

5. Near to the person; appended to the clothes. Every thing about him is in order. Is your snuff box about you? From nearness on all sides, the transition is easy to a concern with. Hence,

6. Concerned in, engaged in, relating to, respecting.

I must be about my father's business. Luke, ii. 49. The painter is not to take so much pains about the drapery as about the face

What is he about?

7. In compass or circumference; two yards about the trunk.

ABOUT', adv.

1. Near to in number or quantity.

There fell that day about three thousand men. Ex. xxxii.

2. Near to in quality or degree; as about as high, or as cold.

3. Here and there; around; in one place and another.

Wandering about from house to house. 1Tim. v.

4. round, or the longest way, opposed to across, or the shortest way. A mile about, and half a mile across.

To bring about, to bring to the end; to effect or accomplish a purpose.

To come about, to change or turn; to come to the desired point. In a like sense, seamen say go about, when a ship changes her course and goes on the other tack.

Ready about, about ship, are orders for tacking.

To go about, signifies to enter upon; also to prepare; to seek the means.

Why go ye about to kill me. John, 7.