KJV Dictionary Definition: abolish


ABOL'ISH, v.t. L. abolco; from ab and oleo, olesco, to grow.

1. To make void; to annul; to abrogate; applied chiefly and appropriately to established laws, contracts, rites, customs and institutions - as to abolish laws by a repeal, actual or virtual.

2. To destroy, or put an end to; as to abolish idols. Isa. ii. To abolish death 2Tim. i. This sense is not common. To abolish posterity, in the translation of Pausanias, Lib. 3. Ca. 6, is hardly allowable.


ABOL'ISHABLE, a. That may be annulled, abrogated, or destroyed, as a law, rite, custom, &c.


ABOL'ISHED, pp. annulled; repealed; abrogated, or destroyed.


ABOL'ISHER, n. One who abolishes.


ABOL'ISHING, ppr. Making void; annulling; destroying.


ABOL'ISHMENT, n. The act of annulling; abrogation; destruction.