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AV = Authorized Version. 1611 = the year the AV was originally published.
The Authorized Version has since come to be known as the King James Version.

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The King James Bible
and other translations

The King James Bible Page → contains articles and essays, answers to frequently asked questions, and more, relating to the Bible version controversy.

Most Christians are unaware that there exists a significant difference between the KJV and Bible versions published in the last 100 years—a difference of doctrine and authority, not one of mere dialect. They are told that the KJV is antiquated, hard to understand, and inaccurate.

The King James Bible Page aims to set the record straight: the KJV is God's word in English, and is the result of God's providential work of preservation throughout history. Modern versions of the Bible, on the other hand, are translations of manuscripts that have been transmitted in a secular form throughout history, tainted by liberal, un-believing scholarship as early as the days Paul began penning Holy Scripture under the inspiration of God.

In many cases modern translations, such as the New International Version (NIV), New American Standard Bible (NASB), and so many others, delete verses and words equivalent in quantity to the entire book of Second Peter.

Learn about the history of the Bible, the value of the KJV, and the problems of academic seduction surrounding modern Christian scholarship, and arm yourself with the pure, trustworthy words of God.

One of the most significant failings of the Church today is a lack of final authority in Scripture. Anyone who is willing to correct the Bible is willing to put himself above the authority of the Bible. Every Christian should learn about this issue and understand that the Bible, not a man, is the final authority by which all spiritual matters must be judged. This is impossible when you do not believe the book in your hands is the pure, unadulterated word of God!

Visit the AV1611 King James Bible Page.

KJV Text File

If you need the complete text of the King James Bible (not software), download KJV.zip (1.3 MB). This is the circa 1900 Cambridge University Press text of the King James Bible. Plain ASCII text file; italicized words in [brackets]. If you're looking for the KJV in searchable software, download SwordSearcher Bible Software instead.

About this edition of the KJV.

AV1611 Forum Archive

The AV1611 Forums have been closed, but the content of the forum is still available for browsing and searching.

Bible Study Resources

Bible Software

  • SwordSearcher Bible Software
    SwordSearcher is a powerful Windows program designed for believing Bible study. It includes over a million cross-references combined, with all library material indexed by verse, allowing you to quickly study without pouring through pages of unrelated text. It includes hundreds of volumes of books, including topical guides, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and commentaries. SwordSearcher's user interface is powerful yet easy to learn and use, making it suitable for both devotional and in-depth study.

  • Daily Bible and Prayer
    Daily Bible and Prayer is free software helps you through the Bible in a year, make custom Bible reading plans, track a prayer list, and includes the Faith's Checkbook daily devotional.

General Bible Study

Topical Bible Study

(These resources, and more, are also a part of SwordSearcher.)

  • Torrey's Bible Topics Online
    R. A. Torrey edited the New Topical Textbook and it became one of the most popular topical guides to the Bible. It is limited to 700 subjects and consists primarily of scripture references.

  • Nave's Topical Bible Online
    Orville J. Nave's topical Bible guide is similar to Torrey's but contains over 5000 main subjects. It is more like a concordance to Scripture than a study guide, but is more useful than a concordance because of being indexed by subject rather than word.

KJV Dictionary

Online King James Bible

  • Online KJV
    Full text of the King James Version online, indexed by chapter.

Home Schooling Articles (from a Biblical point of view)

  • Biblical Reasons to Homeschool
    A brief study of Bible verses that inform us of God's expectations of parents and why they relate to schooling.

  • "Missionary Schooling"
    A commentary on some of the incorrect notions Christian parents have regarding usage of government schools.

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Read Freedom: God's Plan For Your Salvation.

Thumnail of Video Response to James White

Did you see James White's video about my introduction to discrepencies in Bible versions? Here's a detailed response, including a dissection of his presentation on Acts 8:37.

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