KJV Dictionary Definition: tin


TIN, n. L. stannum; stagnum.

1. A white metal, with a slight tinge of yellow. It is soft, non-elastic, very malleable, and when a bar of it is bent near the ear, distinguished by a crackling sound called the cry of tin. It is used for culinary vessels, being for this purpose usually combined with lead, forming pewter; and alloyed with small proportions of antimony, copper and bismuth, is formed into various wares resembling silver, under the names of block-tin, brittania, &c. Equal parts of tin and lead compose soder. Tin united with copper in different proportions, forms bronze, bell-metal, and speculum-metal.

2. Thin plates of iron covered with tin.

TIN, v.t. To cover with tin, or overlay with tinfoil.


TIN'NED, pp. Covered with tin.


TIN'NING, ppr. from tin. Covering with tin or tinfoil.

TIN'NING, n. The act, art or practice of covering or lining any thing with melted tin or with tinfoil, as kitchen utensils, locks, bits, &c.