KJV Dictionary Definition: success


SUCCESS', n. L. successus, from succedo.

1. The favorable or prosperous termination of any thing attempted; a termination which answers the purpose intended; properly in a good sense, but often in a bad sense.

Or teach with more success her son,

The vices of the time to shun.

Every reasonable man cannot but wish me success in this attempt.

Be not discouraged in a laudable undertaking at the ill success of the first attempt.

Military successes, above all others, elevate the minds of a people.

2. Succession. Not in use.

Note. Success without an epithet, generally means a prosperous issue.


SUCCESS'FUL, a. Terminating in accomplishing what is wished or intended; having the desired effect; hence, in a good sense, prosperous; fortunate; happy; as a successful application of medicine; a successful experiment in chimistry or in agriculture; a successful enterprise.

1. In a bad sense; as a successful attempt to subvert the constitution.


SUCCESS'FULNESS, n. Prosperous conclusion; favorable event; success.


SUCCES'SION, n. L. successio.

1. A following of things in order; consecution; series of things following one another, either in time or place. Thus we speak of a succession of events in chronology, a succession of kings or bishops, and a succession of words or sentences.

2. The act of succeeding or coming in the place of another; as, this happened after the succession of that prince to the throne. So we speak of the succession of heirs to the estates of their ancestors, or collateral succession.

3. Lineage; an order or series of descendants.

A long succession must ensue.

4. The power or right of coming to the inheritance of ancestors. He holds the property by the title of succession.

What people is so void of common sense,

To vote succession from a native prince?

Succession of crops, in agriculture, is more generally called rotation.



1. Following in order or uninterrupted course, as a series of persons or things, and either in time or place; as the successive revolutions of years or ages; the successive kings of Egypt. The author holds this strain of declamation through seven successive pages or chapters.

Send the successive ills through ages down.

2. Inherited by succession; as a successive title; a successive empire. Little used.


SUCCESS'IVELY, adv. In a series or order, one following another. He left three sons, who all reigned successively.

The whiteness at length changed successively into blue, indigo and violet.


SUCCESS'IVENESS, n. The state of being successive.