KJV Dictionary Definition: skin


SKIN, n.

1. The natural covering of animal bodies, consisting of the cuticle or scarf-skin, the rete mucosum, and the cutis or hide. The cuticle is very thin and insensible; the cutis is thicker and very sensible.

2. A hide; a pelt; the skin of an animal separated from the body, whether green, dry or tanned.

3. The body; the person; in ludicrous language

4. The bark or husk of a plant; the exterior coat of fruits and plants.

SKIN, v.t.

1. To strip off the skin or hide; to flay; to peel.

2. To cover with skin.

3. to cover superficially.

SKIN, v.i. To be covered with skin; as a wound skins over.



1. Stripped of the skin; flayed

2. Covered with skin.