KJV Dictionary Definition: shoulder



1. The joint by which the arm of a human being or the fore leg of a quadruped is connected with the body; or in man, the projection formed by the bones called scapula or shoulder blades, which extend from the basis of the neck in a horizontal direction.

2. The upper joint of the fore leg of an animal cut for th emarket; as a shoulder of mutton.

3. Shoulders, in the plural, the upper part of the back.

Adown her shoulders fell her length of hair. Dryden.

4. Figuratively, support; sustaining power; or that which elevates and sustains.

For on thy shoulders do I build my seat. Shak.

5. Among artificers, something like the human shoulder; a horizontal or rectangular projection from the body of a thing.


1. To push or thrust with the shoulder; to push with violence.

Around her numberless the rabble flow'd,