KJV Dictionary Definition: scrabble


SCRAB'BLE, v.i. L. scribo, Eng. grave, engrave, &c. See Scrape.

1. To scrape, paw or scratch with the hands; to move along on the hands and knees by clawing with the hands; to scramble; as, to scrabble up a cliff or a tree. a word in common popular use in New England, but not elegant.

2. To make irregular or crooked marks; as, children scrabble when they begin to write; hence, to make irregular and unmeaning marks.

David - scrabbled on the doors of the gate. 1Sam. 21.

SCRAB'BLE, v.t. To mark with irregular lines or letters; as, to scrabble paper.


SCRAB'BLING, ppr. Scraping; scratching; scrambling; making irregular marks.