KJV Dictionary Definition: sand


SAND, n.

1. Any mass or collection of fine particles of stone, particularly of fine particles of silicious stone, but not strictly reduced to powder or dust.

That finer matter called sand, is no other than very small pebbles.

2. Sands, in the plural, tracts of land consisting of sand, like the deserts of Arabia and Africa; as the Lybian sands.

SAND, v.t.

1. To sprinkle with sand. It is customary among the common people in America, to sand their floors with white sand.

2. To drive upon the sand.


SAND'ED, pp.

1. Sprinkled with sand; as a sanded floor.

2. a. Covered with sand; barren.

3. Marked with small spots; variegated with spots; speckled; of a sandy color, as a hound.

4. Short sighted.