KJV Dictionary Definition: plate


PLATE, n. L. Latus, with the radical sense of laid, spread.

1. A piece of metal, flat or extended in breadth.

2. Armor of plate, composed of broad pieces, and thus distinguished from mail.

3. A piece of wrought silver, as a dish or other shallow vessel; hence, vessels of silver; wrought silver in general. Plate, by the laws of some states, is subject to a tax by the ounce.

4. A small shallow vessel, made of silver or other metal, or of earth glazed and baked, from which provisions are eaten at table. A wooden plate is called a trencher.

5. The prize given for the best horse in a race.

6. In architecture, the piece of timber which supports the ends of the rafters. See Platform.

PLATE, v.t. To cover or overlay with plate or with metal; used particularly of silver; as plated vessels.

1. To arm with plate or metal for defense; as, to plate sin with gold.

Why plated in habiliments of war?

2. To adorn with place; as a plated harness.

3. To beat into thin flat pieces or lamens.


PLA'TED, pp. Covered or adorned with plate; armed with plate; beaten into plates.


PLA'TING, ppr. Overlaying with plate or with a metal; beating into thin lamens.

PLA'TING, n. The art or operation of covering any thing with plate or with a metal, particularly of overlaying a baser metal with a thin plate of silver. The coating of silver is soldered to the metal with tin or a mixture of three parts of silver with one of brass.