KJV Dictionary Definition: pasturable


P`ASTURABLE, a. from pasture. Fit for pasture.


P`ASTURE, n. L. pasco, pastum, to feed.

1. Grass for the food of cattle; the food of cattle taken by grazing.

2. Ground covered with grass appropriated for the food or cattle. The farmer has a hundred acres of pasture. It is sometimes called pasture-land.

3. Human culture; education. Not used.

Common of pasture, is the right of feeding cattle on another's ground.

P`ASTURE, v.t. To feed on grass or to supply grass for food. We apply the word to persons, as the farmer pastures fifty oxen; or to ground, as the land will pasture fifty oxen.

P`ASTURE, v.i. To graze; to take food by eating grass from the ground.