KJV Dictionary Definition: outward


OUT'WARD, a. L. versus.

1. External; exterior; forming the superficial part; as the outward coat of an onion; an outward garment.

2. External; visible; opposed to inward; as outward hate.

3. Extrinsic; adventitious.

And outward honor for an inward toil.

4. Foreign; not intestine; as an outward war. Not now used. We now say, external or foreign war.

5. Tending to the exterior part.

The fire will force its outward way.

6. In Scripture, civil; public; as opposed to religious. 1Chron. 24.

7. In theology, carnal; fleshly; corporeal; not spiritual; as the outward man.

OUT'WARD, n. External form.




1. To the outer parts; tending or directed towards the exterior.

The light falling on them black bodies is not reflected outwards.

2. From a port or country; as a ship bound outwards.