KJV Dictionary Definition: drown


DROWN, v.t.

1. Literally, to overwhelm in water; an appropriately, to extinguish life by immersion in water or other fluid; applied to animals; also, to suspend animation by submersion.

2. To overwhelm in water; as, to drown weeds.

3. To overflow; to deluge; to inundate; as, to drown land.

4. To immerse; to plunge and lose; to overwhelm; as, to drown ones self in sensual pleasure.

5. To overwhelm; to overpower.

My private voice is drowned amid the senate.

DROWN, v.i. To be suffocated in water or other fluid; to perish in water.

Methought what pain it was to drown.


DROWNED, pp. Deprived of life by immersion in a fluid; overflowed; inundated; overwhelmed.


DROWNING, ppr. Destroying life by submersion in a liquid; overflowing; overwhelming.