KJV Dictionary Definition: dish


DISH, n. Gr., L. It is the same word as disk and desk, and seems to signify something flat, plain or extended.

1. A broad open vessel, made of various materials, used for serving up meat and various kinds of food at the table. It is sometimes used for a deep hollow vessel for liquors.

2. The meat or provisions served in a dish. Hence, any particular kind of food.

I have here a dish of doves.

We say, a dish of veal or venison; a cold dish; a warm dish; a delicious dish.

3. Among miners, a trough in which ore is measure, about 28 inches long, 4 deep and 6 wide.

DISH, v.t. To put in a dish; as, the meat is all dished, and ready for the table.


DISHED, pp. Put in a dish or dishes.


DISHING, pp. See Dish.

1. Putting in a dish or dishes.

2. a. Concave; having the hollow form of a dish.