KJV Dictionary Definition: deprivable


DEPRIVABLE, a. That may be deprived.

A chaplain shall be deprivable by the founder, not by the bishop.



1. The act of depriving; a taking away.

2. A state of being deprived; loss; want; bereavement by loss of friends or of goods.

3. In law, the act of divesting a bishop or other clergyman of his spiritual promotion or dignity; the taking away of a preferment; deposition. This is of two kinds; a beneficio, and ab officio. The former is the deprivation of a minister of his living or preferment; the latter, of his order, and otherwise called deposition or degradation.


DEPRIVE, v.t. L. To take away.

1. To take from; to bereave of something possessed or enjoyed; followed by of; as, to deprive a man of sight; to deprive one of strength, of reason, or of property. This has a general signification, applicable to a lawful or unlawful taking.

God hath deprived her of wisdom. Job 39.


DEPRIVED, pp. Bereft; divested; hindered; stripped of office or dignity; deposed; degraded.


DEPRIVEMENT, n. The state of losing or being deprived.


DEPRIVER, n. He or that which deprives or bereaves.


DEPRIVING, ppr. Bereaving; taking away what is possessed; divesting; hindering from enjoying; deposing.