KJV Dictionary Definition: creat


CREAT, n. In the manege, an usher to a riding master.


CREATE, v.t. L.

1. To produce; to bring into being from nothing; to cause to exist.

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. Genesis 1.

2. To make or form, by investing with a new character; as, to create one a peer or baron; to create a manor.

I create you companions to our person.

3. To produce; to cause; to be the occasion of.

Your eye in Scotland would create soldiers, and make women fight.

Long abstinence creates uneasiness in the stomach; confusion is created by hurry.

4. To beget; to generate; to bring forth.

The people which shall be created, shall praise the Lord. Psalm 102.

5. To make or produce, by new combinations of matter already created, and by investing these combinations with new forms, constitutions and qualities; to shape and organize.

God created man in his own image. Genesis 1.

6. To form anew; to change the state or character; to renew.

Create in me a clean heart. Psalm 51.

We are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus. Ephesians 2.


CREATED, pp. Formed from nothing; caused to exist; produced; generated; invested with a new character; formed into new combinations, with a peculiar shape, constitution and properties; renewed.


CREATING, ppr. Forming from nothing; originating; producing; giving a new character; constituting new beings from matter by shaping, organizing and investing with new properties; forming anew.