KJV Dictionary Definition: cornet


CORNET, n. L., a horn. See Horn.

1. An instrument of music, in the nature of a trumpet, sounded by blowing with the mouth. It was of a winding shape like a horn; used in armies and on occasions of joy.

David played before the Lord on cornets. 2 Samuel 6.

2. In modern usage, an officer of cavalry, who bears the ensign or colors of a troop. He is the third officer in the company.

3. A company of cavalry; a troop of horse. Not used.

4. The cornet of a horse coronet is the lowest part of his pastern, that runs round the coffin and is distinguished by the hair that joins and covers the upper part of the hoof.

5. A little cap of paper in which retailers inclose small wares.

6. A scarf anciently worn by doctors.

7. A head dress.


CORNETTER, CORNETER, CORNICE, n. One who blows a cornet.

1. In architecture, the uppermost member of the entablature of a column, or the highest projecture; that which crowns and order.

2. A little projecture in joinery or masonry; as the cornice of a chimney.

Cornice-ring of a cannon, is the ring next from the muzzle-ring backward.