KJV Dictionary Definition: conclusible


CONCLUSIBLE, a. That may be concluded or inferred; determinable. Little used.



1. End; close; the last part; as the conclusion of an address.

2. The close of an argument, debate or reasoning; inference that ends the discussion; final result.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter; fear God, and keep his commandments; for this is the whole of man. Ecclesiastes 12.

3. Determination; final decision.

After long debate, the house of commons came to this conclusion.

4. Consequence; inference; that which is collected or drawn from premises; particular deduction from propositions, facts, experience, or reasoning.

5. The event of experiments; experiment.

We practice all conclusions of grafting and inoculating. Little used.

6. Confinement of the thoughts; silence. Not used.



1. Final; decisive; as a conclusive answer to a proposition.

2. Decisive; giving a final determination; precluding a further act.

The agreeing votes of both houses were not, by any law or reason, conclusive to my judgment.

3. Decisive; concluding the question; putting an end to debate; as a conclusive argument.

4. Regularly consequential.

Men, not knowing the true forms of syllogisms, cannot know whether they are made in right and conlusive modes and figures.


CONCLUSIVELY, adv. Decisively; with final determination; as, the point of law is conclusively settled.


CONCLUSIVENESS, n. The quality of being conclusive, or decisive; the power of determining the opinion, or of settling a question; as the conclusiveness of evidence or of an argument.