KJV Dictionary Definition: collar



1. Something worn round the neck, as a ring of metal, or a chain. The knights of several orders wear a chain of gold, enameled, and sometimes set with ciphers or other devices, to which the badge of the order is appended.

2. The part of a garment which surrounds the neck. Job 30:18.

3. A part of a harness for the neck of a horse or other beast, used in draught.

4. Among seamen, the upper part of a stay; also, a rope in form of a wreath to which a stay is confined.

To slip the collar, is to escape or get free; to disentangle ones self from difficulty, labor, or engagement.

A collar of brawn, is the quantity bound up in one parcel.

COLLAR, v.t.

1. To seize by the collar.

2. To put a collar on.

To collar beef or other meat, is to roll it up and bind it close with a string.



1. Seized by the collar.

2. Having a collar on the neck.