KJV Dictionary Definition: butter


BUT'TER, n. L. butyrum. An oily substance obtained from cream or milk by churning. Agitation separates the fat or oily part of milk from the thin or serous part, called butter-milk.

Butter, in the old chimistry, was applied to various preparations; as,

Butter of antimony, now called the sublimated muriate of antimony, and made by distilling a mixture of corrosive sublimate and the regulus.

Butter of arsenic, sublimated muriate of arsenic, made by a like process.

Butter of bismuth, sublimated muriate of bismuth.

Butter of tin, sublimated muriate of tin.

Butter of zink, sublimated muriate of zink.

Butter of cacao, is an oily concrete white matter obtained from the cacao nut, made by bruising the nut and boiling it in water.

Butter of wax, the oleaginous part of wax, obtained by distillation, and of a butyraceous consistence.

BUT'TER, v.t. To smear with butter.

1. To increase the stakes at every throw or every game; a cant term among gamesters.