KJV Dictionary Definition: attire


ATTI'RE, v.t.

To dress; to array; to adorn with elegant or splendid garments.

With the linen miter shall Aaron be attired. Lev. 16.


1. Dress; clothes; habit; but appropriately, ornamental dress.

Can a bride forget her attire. Jer. 2.

2. The horns of a deer.

3. In botany, the generative parts of plants. florid attire, called thrums or suits, as in the flowers of marygold or tansy, consists of two or three parts, of which the outer part is the floret. semiform attire consists of the chives and apexes. This language is now obsolete.


ATTI'RED, pp. Dressed; decked with ornaments or attire.


ATTI'RER, n. One who dresses or adorns with attire.


ATTI'RING, ppr. Dressing; adorning with dress or attire.