KJV Dictionary Definition: arrival



1. The coming to, or reaching a place, from a distance, whether by water, as in its original sense, or by land.

2. The attainment or gaining of any object, by effort, agreement, practice or study.



1. Company coming. Not used.

2. Arrival; a reading in progress. Obs.


ARRI'VE, v.i. L. ripa.

1. Literally, to come to the shore, or bank. Hence to come to or reach in progress by water, followed by at. We arrived at Havre De Grace, July 10, 1924. N.W.

2. To come to or reach by traveling on land; as, the post arrives at 7 o'clock.

3. To reach a point by progressive motion; to gain or compass by effort, practice, study, enquiry, reasoning or experiment; as, to arrive at an unusual degree of excellence or wickedness; to arrive at a conclusion.

4. To happen or occur.

He to whom this glorious death arrives.

ARRI'VE, v.t. To reach. Not in use.


ARRI'VING, ppr. Coming to, or reaching by water or land; gaining by research, effort or study.