KJV Dictionary Definition: affright


AFFRI'GHT, v.t. affri'te. See Fright.

To impress with sudden fear; to frighten; to terrify or alarm. It expresses a stronger impression than fear or apprehend, and perhaps less than terror.

AFFRI'GHT, n. Sudden or great fear; terror; also, the cause of terror; a frightful object.


AFFRI'GHTED, pp. Suddenly alarmed with fear; terrified; followed by at or with, more generally by at; as, affrighted at the cry of fire.


AFFRI'GHTER, n. One who frightens.


AFFRI'GHTFUL, a. Terrifying; terrible; that may excite great fear; dreadful.


AFFRI'GHTING, ppr. Impressing sudden fear; terrifying.


AFFRI'GHTMENT, n. Affright; terror; the state of being frightened. Rarely used. In common discourse, the use of this word, in all its forms, is superseded by fright, frighted, frightful.