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Bro. Parrish
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Originally Posted by biblereader View Post
I haven't heard anyone mention Ruckman for years! Is he still alive?
YES brother Ruckman is not only alive, he is still preaching with great power and truth. If you have never heard Ruckman preach a sermon, rattling off huge portions of scripture from memory while creating one of his 8 foot long full color chalk drawings YOU ARE MISSING A GREAT BLESSING. I have never heard a man teach the Bible like Bro. Ruckman, he has stood as a warrior for the KJV (with no apologies to any scholar or school) longer than many have been alive, and he's been a great blessing to me over the years. In my experience, when Ruckman preaches he captures the entire audience no matter the age, every person in the building is absolutely enthralled by the message from God's Word, it's peculiar—he delivers the message with authority like only a small handful of men I have seen over the years. He is getting old but still looks great, and with his hand to hand combat training I'm sure he could easily kill me with a spoon or his finger nail. If you have to travel a little and get a hotel room, do it... it's worth it. I encourage everyone to experience some of his services in person before Dr. Pete goes home to be with the Lord... here is his schedule:

June 3-7, 2009
Anchor Baptist Church
10440 Crain Highway
Faulkner, MD 20632
Pastor Bob Joseph
(540) 663-0182

July 11-12, 2009
Atauga Heights Baptist Church
1393 Highway 31-N
Prattville, AL 36067
Pastor Mike Matheny
(334) 322-3222

August 7-9, 2009
Bible Believer's
Baptist Church
3857 Hartley Road
Jacksonville, FL 32223
Pastor David Peacock
(904) 260-8370

more info and here:

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Steven Avery Steven Avery is offline
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(deleted as dup)

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Steven Avery Steven Avery is offline
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Hi Folks,

Just some thoughts on the ostensible theme of the thread.

One thing I have liked so much about many of the web brethren .. is that I am never referrinng to "Dr. Will Kinney". I know that Will is a gentleman and a scholar, yet I have never had to puzzle out whether he is a Naturopathic Doctor, has a ThD from a Bible College, got something on the quick, has a Doctorate as a Spanish teacher, or went to NYU and got a PhD in Near Eastern Studies. He is simply .. Will Kinney. In the Bible discussion, Will is defined by his labours and writings, which are excellent.

Now we know that many of the "true, valid, academia" doctorate folks seem to have great difficulty in clear thinking, you find that out quickly if you go on the scholarly forums. A fair amount of knowledge, often very little insight and intelligence, and often great antipathy to the Bible. Muddled confusion is common.

Thus the whole concept of "Dr"... such-and-such is skewed in Bible circles. Personally I generally respect more those who do not place the title here and there, whatever side of the Bible debate they are on.

If someone calls themselves "Dr." Name Name .. they should expect to be asked, and they should be ready with an answer.

One example I will discuss. Michael Brown has written a few books on Jewish apologetics and some other books, quality varying (the Jewish apologetic books are quite good, except that he has the huge standard "academic" weaknesses on the pure Bible). Brown studied at NYU and received the PhD for Near Eastern Studies. So I do not mind if he sometimes indicates "Dr. Michael Brown" although Michael Brown is much easier. I use him as an example as I have been to a couple of his debates, know he never pushes his educational background, yet does have what is indisputibly, in scholarship circles, a solid PhD.

Now a "ThD" is a particularly strange degree, I might add. Even the word theology, by itself, is dubious, so I would not want to be a Doctor of the study of God. God searches my heart, and I proclaim little beyond that.

Thus I would encourage us to ask defenders of the King James Bible to largely junque their titles, if they really do not have a certain amount of academic merit, or are unrelated to the Bible issues. We know that opponents of the King James Bible often have their own dubious issues with credentials (and ethics) .. such men will be expected to vaunt dubious degrees, looking for "scholarship" sanction. James Trimm in pseudo-messianic circles was a particularly horrendous examples, yet such problems are rather common in the popular anti-pure-KJB circles, among much more recognizable names that might divert the thread.

Bible believers can move away from that trap, only using scholarship initials spariingly, and with proper representations.

Imho, we should not be offended if someone asks us about publicly-declared credentials of Bible brethren. Some situations were fascinating, with Edward Hills being forced, as I understand, to un-emphasize his Bible text beliefs in order to get his scholastic degrees. (Similar oppression and persecuation as that which tries to keep creationary scientists out of the science fields.) Some are simple, like D. A. Waite's credentials. Peter Ruckman I gather went through some rather substantive stuff, although I do not know the details, nor do I care much, nor do I hear much about "Dr. Peter Ruckman".

Often we would do well to encourage those whose use is one more of convenience than reflecting a long-term disciplined course of studies .. (with classes and papers and a level of peer-review, credentialed or not) ... to either remove initials or give very clear explanations of their usage.

Normally I do not write much on this issue, it is largely not worth the effort, on the other hand I want to encourage sound representation from the Bible believing brethren.


Oh, on Sam Gipp, I really do not know his background well. I see this book was linked, with interest:

Reading and Understanding the Variations Between the Critical Apparatuses of Nestle's 25th and 26th Editions of the Novum Testamentum-Graece (2nd Edition)

Never knew about it, it would be interesting to read it some. I may end up with a far greater appreciation of his depth of understanding. I have had some reservations about his writings on the socalled "LXX" and beyond that I am largely unfamiliar with his writings and background.

Steven Avery

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Pastorpat Pastorpat is offline
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Exactly!!! You use it publically, don't be offended when someone asks you to be accountable for it.

Shalom back at ya,

Pastor Pat
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Steve Schwenke
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Steve Schwenke
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Originally Posted by Pastorpat View Post
Exactly!!! You use it publically, don't be offended when someone asks you to be accountable for it.

Shalom back at ya,

Pastor Pat
I agree...despite the OP's dubious nature from someone who is NOT a KJV believer, it is a legitimate question, and demands a better answer than the rants posted against him.
I don't remember where Dr. Gipp got his degree, but I am sure it wasn't PBI. It might be Massilon, Ohio??? can't remember...

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