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Old 07-31-2008, 04:39 PM
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Default 3D animation for Missionaries

With the cooperation of Jack Chick, Chick Publications or Chick Tracts, the 12 minute to 16 minute presentation "The Sissy" will be available on DVD for missionaries without charge. Hopely, 4 to 6 weeks from now this DVD will be finished and given free of charge to missionaries who are fishing, working the field, for lost souls and preach that the only way to Heaven is by the Lord Jesus Christ only.

To show this 3D animated short film allows the missionary to have time to preach and lead many to the Lord Jesus Christ.

This film cost over $200,000 due to buying all the equipment and paying animators to create the characters. Brother Jack Chick is excited to see his characters come to life and Brother Peter Ruckman will be getting one after Brother Chick gets his. Chick Publications will probably be handling the DVD for them to use but Brother Chick and I agree that the missionaries get one free to winning souls.

Sound money come for the 2nd film it should cost only $65,000 and that is money that I do not live on but for only getting the work done.

It will first be in English then with help of other missionaries we hope they can work with us to get the film in their own language and without charge. It's to their benefit to use such a film to have the fish come to the food.

We believe to fish with a net not just one pole and this type of tool does fish with a net. Folks love entertainment and this is a true conservative film with salvation invite at the end. 100% KJV 1611 with no apology!


Steve West
LittleShots Productions, LLC

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