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Default I agree Amanda

Originally Posted by Amanda S. View Post
If I read the thread correctly I am gathering that some interpret this passage to mean only if an unbelieving departs it is permissible to remarry? Is it a sin to remarry even if you've divorced over adultery?
I agree Amanda – Whether a person is a believer or an unbeliever they are joined together by God until death and not until their life or circumstances change. If a marriage is only valid in God’s eyes between believers then how could unbelievers be guilty of adultery?
The fact that Joseph kept clear of his master’s wife just goes to show that God recognises the sanctity of marriage regardless of their profession of faith (e.g. Herod –Herodias).

One of the things that I find is a growing trend today is where a married person joins a church and convinces themself that their marriage is not really a valid thing in God’s eyes because they don’t recognise God’s stamp of approval over their life before His intervention.

Some even argue that their “new slate” is like a new form of singleness and the fact that they are a new creation sort of annuls their previous connections to free them for a more suitable partner.

Thus they convince themselves that if one of them believes and the other doesn’t (in their existing marriage), then they can free themselves from their unequal yoke and find someone who is spiritually compatible. This exactly what Paul was speaking against in 1 Corinthians 7 in his attempt to protect the sanctity of marriage.

I have had different people come to me in the past and “profess” – yes “profess” their adultery in a way that suggests that God has lead them into their newly found relationship!
Normally, what they tend to do is – fall for someone – go missing for a while – split up from their spouse – move in with their new partner and once their adultery is established they want to come back into the church and convince everyone that they have repented.

My question is – where is the repentance? – that to me, is like robbing a bank, saying I’m sorry and keeping the money. When we start shoe horning exceptions into the clear words of Scripture we can justify anything. I don’t accept that time brushes sin under the carpet and makes everything alright again – but how shocking it is that the real criminal is the one who would dare to speak out against the sin of adultery.

God bless


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