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Old 06-15-2009, 06:21 AM
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Chette: ah yes, I will continue to be a Berean - and thank you for the heads up here.

Luke: I like your practical approach. I think one of the commentaries I will pick up is the one on Gal-Col. I've been saved about 21 years and have (and do) eagerly devour God's Word, and books I can learn more about Him, or about His Word from. This forum has given me a perspective I've *never* had before and it's so thrilling to me! I am eager to hear what Dr. Ruckman has to say in multiple areas. As you stated though, the things pertaining to our Christian walk are the most important. It is far more important when we stand before him to have gotten our walk right then stand before Him with only our theology right. [By God's grace I pray we will stand before Him having both]

Bro Parrish and Biblestudent: funny you should mention Genesis! I was reading in it this morning and was thinking about ordering that commentary. He has a very unique perspective!

Geologist: I have ordered (and am still awaiting) his book on dispensations - I was interested in Hebrews also. Is there anything you could tell me about it?

Cody: I am eager to read his commentary on Revelation too! So many choices - lol! Praise God! Did you find his commentary and perspective in Revelation markedly different than others you had heard or read? How much detail did he go into?

I praise the Lord for each of you. Thanks!

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