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Originally Posted by greenbear View Post
What's a "Landmarker"?
The teaching of "old landmarkism", otherwise known as the "Bride" Baptists Jen and was founded in the 1850s most notably by a man named JR Graves. The Bride Baptists believe the present Body of Christ:

1.Began with John The Baptist("John was the first Baptist") and can be traced historically all the way to him.
2.The Body of Christ is composed of exclusively members who can be seen or attend certain churches, which by coincidence, are Bride Baptist Churches. They teach that the "invisible church" , the "universal church" is "Catholic doctrine" and that the Body of Christ can be found nowhere outside the Bride Churches. I know this becasue I attended one for 2 years, one of the largest and most noted in IFB circles in this country. They also treated me like a knothole in the pews because I never "...obeyed the Lord and came forward to submit to following the Lord in Believers Water Baptism as a profession of my faith..." which is Article One of the CHRISTIAN TALMUD.
3. Briders claim that the Body of Christ is also the "bride" of Christ. The "bride of Christ" does not yet exist, and is Restored Beliving Israel as the Scriptures say, the Scriptures say the Body of Christ, us, are members of the Groom's Body

The "bride" Baptist movement was born around the same time in the 1800s as the Church of Christ was being "restored", the Mormon Church was being "restored", and the SDAs were being "restored", the difference in the Bride movement is that it is composed largely of saved Christians yet their church organization, doctrine, practices, and history are about 1/2 inch to the right of the Church Of Christ.

Grace and peace sister


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