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Old 11-03-2008, 12:16 PM
Bro. Parrish
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Originally Posted by Vendetta Ride View Post
McCain is not a bad man. I respect him, as a man. But it seems to me that, for one reason or another, he views wars (such as a possible war with Iran) as a first option, not the last option. I do not believe in the Bush doctrine of "pre-emptive war," and I fear that McCain does believe in it. (I hope I'm wrong, because I expect him to be elected!) America has fought righteously in the past when we've fought against those who attacked us first.

Which would include Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, but not Iraq; and, so far, not Iran.
Actually there is some evidence to suggest that Iraq was a big player in supporting and aiding the terrorists who attacked us. Midhar, Hamzi and Atta were all in contact with Iraqi government officlals just before 9/11, and the men who attacked the WTC in 1993 found refuge in Iraq, see this link, which also shows Hussein provided money, diplomatic services, shelter, medical care, and training to terrorists of every stripe, including those complicit in the 1993 WTC bombing and — according to a Clinton-appointed federal judge — the September 11 attacks:

In my opinion, we have already been fighting Iraq for many months after they sent insurgents and trained or paid others to kill our military in Iran.

So to me, both Iraq and Iran have attacked us, directly or indirectly, in one way or another. Obviously, I do not consider McCain a warmonger at all. That said, I join VR and you all in hope that every American in this forum votes for McCain/Palin, and considering he title, I had hoped this thread would focus more on problems with Obama than people trying to dicredit McCain.
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Old 11-04-2008, 10:22 AM
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Default Bump for Election Day!

Originally Posted by PB1789 View Post
Vendetta Ride:--- Very Good Post! {Except for calling Sen. McCain a "warmonger"} ... McCain wants to win the GWOT,( and you don't win by quitting before the job is done!) , otherwise the Moslem cells planted here will feel free to burn down churches in this country, and murder Christians who try to evangelize/pass out tracts, by the tacit approval of the "Indonesian Candidate" ... who admitted on the ABC interview program that he (B.Hussein O.) is a moslem. Obama is worse than Slick Willie (The Impeached), and is for Homosexuality, and Abortions.

Diligent:--- Good Post! McCain was not my first choice for the nominee, ( I liked Rep. Duncan Hunter, Gov. Huckabee ) but McCain is 100% better than the Dem. nominee! Compare the teleprompter Obama and the B.H.O. guy who can sit in a congregation for 20 years and listen to racist/anti-America jive talk from Jeremiah Wright---and then claim he never heard Wright say anything "wrong"...?!? Somebody is fibbin', and my Mom had a treatment for that: it was called "Headlock and Ivory soap treatment"!

MC1171611:--- Before you vote for a Third Party Candidate...(Which I have done years ago- Phillips of the Taxpayer/Constitution Party in 1988 I think) , I would suggest that you and Baldwin (and his supporters) FIRST try getting elected to the State Legislatures and the U.S. Congress with it's two Houses.

Our system of Government has Checks and Balances---. Congress passes bills--->Executive (White House) signs or vetoes them---> Judicial (Supreme Court) decides if they are legal. If a third Party candidate did win the White House Popular Vote...(Google Rutherford Hayes) He would lose the Electoral College Vote, which is done by the Reps. and Senators in Congress. They are NOT going to vote for someone who doesn't even have one elected member in the Congress. If you wish to make changes, then start locally and get involved with your school board and/or City Council, then County and State levels. We are called to be Salt and Light while we are here on this earth . The Constitutional Party are good folks with a pretty good platform, BUT--- This year if you vote for them,,, as Diligent alluded to in his post; You can tell your son/daughter years from now that you helped get a pro-moslem (Remember John 14:6!), Israel-hating, pro-Sodomite/Lesbo, pro-abortion, socialist elected.

Your one vote counts! Years ago in a town I lived in (Cypress,Cal.) a City Council race was won by 3 a town of several thousand folks. That city council is the ones that voted on whether to allow a Church to be built on some land which the majority of the council wanted to zone the land for a department store. The Church had to get an attorney and go to court. Now, if a majority of Christians would have been on the Council.....


KJB Princess:--- Sen. McCain is not my favorite Candidate as I said above. I'm more of a Rep. Duncan Hunter/ Gov. Huckabee/Amb. Alan Keyes/Pat Buchanan/Ann Coulter/Howard Phillips kind of guy.

.....But, (doncha hate that 3-letter word- ) Our choice is voting for a man: Sen. McCain , who has a solid pro-life/anti-abortion voting record; who believes that Marriage is between a man and a woman; who has attended a Baptist Church in Arizona for many years-(and invited his Pastor to pray at the Rep. Nat. Convention); served honorably as a Naval Aviator for over 20 years (several of which were in a POW prison)---which is why he can't raise his hands-arms to wave normally...he was tortured by the North Vietnamese commies by hanging him to the ceiling by his arms cuffed behind his back... !

He and his wife have adopted (at least one) a child(ren?) from a poor third world country and helped other Americans to adopt poor kids from poor countries.

The alternative is a slithery-slimey extreme leftist who has never served one day in our nation's uniform or shown any concern for our Troops which are fighting to keep the moslem terrorists overseas. He and his attorneys refuse to produce his birth-certificate, and recently the State of Hawaii has sealed his records. If you or your husband ran for office in your town in Ohio, would you hide/block your birth records ? If you travelled to Pakistan (not a garden spot-Vacation place!) with an Indonesian Passport, do you think that you would get a "Free-ride" by the big news media ?

Get to the Polling Station on Voting Day and make a Stand... before your husband is killed, you are forced to wear a head/face scarf, and your Bible-believing Church is torched! Does that sound extreme or alarmist ? It could happen folks--- in a country like Iraq were the few "Christians" in the country walk on "eggshells" and sometimes their Church buildings are bombed/torched, and in Saudi Arabia where Bibles and Churches are not allowed. That is what happens when the followers of mo-jam-head and worshippers of the Moon God of Mecca get control of a country!

Matthew 5: 13,14. Ezekial 33:6
BUMP! Vote people! Telephone everyone one you know at your Church, and telephone any relatives you know that are veterans... Get out the VOTE!

90% of Americans say they beleive in God. 80% claim to be Christians. Make a stand today folks... McCain-Palin like babies and Marriage. Do the right thing!
Old 11-04-2008, 12:35 PM
Bro. Parrish
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EDIT: got the countries switched here, please see correction below:

In my opinion, we have already been fighting IRAN for many months after they sent insurgents and trained or paid others to kill our military in Iraq.
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All I can say is it's good to be able to think back to my vote and be completely comfortable with the man who I'm supporting.

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