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As was state above, the idea of UFOs is not really the issue. It is aliens that is a problem. At the risk of appearing self-laudatory (esp. being a new poster), I just wrote an article on Aliens that attempts to give a biblical/theological rationale for rejecting the idea of aliens. Hope it helps!
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Okay cloudites, ruckmanites and don't careites.

I bought "Black is Beautiful" along with other stuff I actually needed for TBDI. Since every anti-ruckmanite references this book to somehow discredit the King James Bible (???), because it speaks about UFO's, I thought I would see what the fuss is about.

Personally, I can't make head or tail of the book. I'm not refuting it, (I don't really even know what it's about, mainly because it makes reference to a bunch of Americans and I have no idea who they really are - JFK for example. I know of him, and he was shot, but that's about it) but I am saying I have it. If you want clarification on anything written within, I am willing to clarify (I can't just paste entire paragraphs though, it's against the copyright written in the front of the book).
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Please stop wasting any more time even thinking about Satan, UFO's, or "apparitions".
Old 07-13-2008, 10:07 PM
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it is always good to know thy enemy and his methods.

I want you to know I have seen some strange things. I saw a floating head at 2am in my bedroom one night. No moon a very dark night. at first I thought it was a left over dream I blinked a couple times, then its eyes looked to my wife from my daughter. that is when I realized it was a evil spirit. then it looked straight at me. when it did I could see it's expression change becuase it could tell I could see it. then in my heart the Bible verse came through, "he that is in you is stronger than he who is in the world", Then I sat up pointed to the outside of my house and without speaking audibly I said "My Lord rebuke thee leave now and never come back. At that moment like a bolt of lightening it went straight throught he wall to the outside. it has never been back as far as I know.

One night the dog was barking very strangely. so I got up to look. it was full moon. at the far end of the vacant lot across the street I saw in the shadows of the tree a 12 to 16 foot solid black shape like a person. then it came slowly forward across the lot and it passed through the moonlight. when it hit the light it became even darker like it was absorbing the light like a black hole. it came out of the lot and went up the street and was gone. and I have heard tails from the local tribal people here of all sorts of things like harpies, satyrs and the like.

So to identify the ways of Satan and his angels is not such a bad thing to know. but dwelling on them is another thing.

forgive my mispelled words sometime I type without conscience resulting in mispellings
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Where did this happen, chette? What country? I think we might soon enough be seeing such phenomena in America.
Old 07-14-2008, 09:18 PM
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I have known people to see simular things in the States even years ago. But this happened here in the Philippines

the head was on Dec 29, 2005 that was the first time I ever seen a spirit or devil, the shadow was just last year. there are other unexplained things like a smoking tree when I approacehed the tree the smoke stopped. the shadow is called Capri and they like to smoke too.

Dennis now one of our members back in 2003 just after getting saved, had two persons in white ask if they could stay in his tree because the wife was pregnant and the tree they were staying at was always being smoked by the people who live in the house (a common practice to kill mosquitos). he said yes, after that a giant black man appeared and was trying to get his daughter at night coming through locked door to rape her. he never got her Dennis chased him off by yelling at it in Jesus name.

When he finallys told with me, I showed them through the Bible he had been speaking to two devils disguised as people, and when you let one in others will come with them. so we prayed over his home and trees and lot. they never appeared again and today they are still demon free.

Can you see how trees and devils go together. the Bible has lots of examples of tree groves and devil (Idol) worship.

I saw not to long ago what seemed and could very well be a very large (and I do mean large) flying fox. it is a type of large bat but this one was really big. I heard it fly into a mango tree across from our house in the same empty lot one night while getting up touse the bathroom. when I spread the curtain to look I was amazed at the size of this thing. the branch bent under it's wieght and one wing hung to the ground almost 8 ft so this thing had a wingspan of 16 feet when it flew. I watched until it flew away. earier in the month I was comng back one night from Dennis house when what I believe to be the same bat flew over my head. I literally ducked because it was huge and it's wings spanned the whole road I could feel the wind off of it. a that Time I was not sure what it was just big black bat. then when I saw it in the tree I knew it was the same bat. I told a neighbor about it and the story went around of a vampier in the neighborhood. well the streets were clear of the kids at night for the rest of the month until I explained it was just avery large bat. but it could very well carry away a small child if it had a chance.

yes you will see more spirit activity in the States. but it says as in the days of Noe so shall it be in the day of the coming of the Son of man. during Noahs day the sons of God were mating with women having giants for babies.

the Adverage hieght of the basketball player is now 8ft, there are some men in China that are 9ft tall and perfectly proportionate no health issues they are completely normal health wise. I saw Hulk Hogan one time quickly on a TV standing next to a guy who dwarft him by what looked like 2ft. this guy was normal propotionate WWF Wrestler and the men he was wrestling were just as big. there are giants in the land again.

also just an observation but the Mormon missionaries ae getting taller by the year too.

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Spooky stuff

The Lord was definately with you on the floating head thingy. Any more details on "the bat"?
Old 07-19-2008, 08:05 AM
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I beleive the gift of discerning of spirits is strongly needed,

There is a group here they blend all sorts of verses to create their ministry of Hip Hop dance. I was invited to a going away party earlier this year where this ministry was allowed to perform. I was shocked it was not different than the kids on the streets of LA, grabbing themselves shaking it and all the moves were the same. the only different it was to some music that would be concidered christian entertainment at best(not worship) and the lyrics were about Jesus. I could see in two of the supposed ex gang members that they were possessed of a devil.

When they came around to shake everybodys hands when they got to me neither one of these men could look me straight in the eye. they spent time with everyone while coming around joking and kidding but when it came to me both of them made a quick get away I wouldn;t have been able to say anything if I wanted to to them because they just wanted to get away so qickly. My wife was shocked at their reactions too.

I have no doubt of Devil possessed people in these Psuedo christian churches. they do all sorts of dancing and singing and yelling I mean up to almost two hours and only 15 minutes preaching and it is usually for their members to give more, every Sunday.

I know this has nothing to do with UFO's but the Devil is the one behind them both.

I haven't seen the bat lately. some would say it is a witch or what they call here a aswang (it is like a devil with bat wings and big teeth often witches turn into them).

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