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Originally Posted by DarlovesJesus View Post
You make me out to be a self righteous, non-sinning person. You did not come out directly and say that, but God told my spirit that is what you are saying.
I can guarantee it wasn't God telling you that - I neither implied that NOR thought it about you. My comments were correcting what I believed you were saying.

No, God does not stop a Christian physically from doing or not doing have the choice. However, God can nudge your spirit and if you don't listen, He won't be very happy.
Right - if a Christian walks in unrepentant sin then he or she will be chastised by God. The fact that God DOES chastise ALL His children at one point or another shows that we still sin, and at times get carnal or backslide - which both Testaments teach CAN happen to believers.

No, I am not promoting lukewarmness, or compromise, or backsliding - but I am attempting to be Scriptural. The Bible teaches believers can and do sin - even backslide - so to expect that no true Christian will ever be carnal or backslide is not Biblical.

So Jerry I am not fooling myself. I know the Bible and I know the scriptures that you have quoted me. I live them! .....As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.......100 percent wholeheartedly. No compromise! Sorry if that offends you, but in truth God's Word offends a lot of people.
Who said I was offended? But I know you or I or any other believer is not sinless - so there is no such thing as serving the Lord %100 all the time without ever compromising. Ecclesiastes 7:20 is still in the Bible.

We should strive against sin, strive to be separated and holy in our living - and make it right when we do sin; however, we should never get to where we think we or anyone else has arrived. The moment we think that, that is when we show we are still sinners because pride is there.

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