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Originally Posted by atlas View Post

Killing is not always bad. If killing was a sin God would be a sinner for killing many with the flood in Noah's day.
Now remember, that we as Christians should not avange outselves, but rather allow God to avange us. Remember that God FORBIDS us to avange ourselves. However, it is perfectly LEGAL for God to avage others. (Romans 12:19-20). If you read this scripture, the scripture says that not only are we forbidden to avange ourselves, but also we must feed the enemy if he is hungry. In other words, we must show LOVE to our enemy (INCLUDING IRAQ AND AFGANASTAN).

Originally Posted by atlas View Post
God killed many people there, that have earned death or God would not have killed them. The same holds true for Sodom and Gomorrah. God does kill people. This is a Bible fact. I can show you places in the O.T. and N.T. where some people because of some sin should be killed. This also is a Bible fact. This is what God says they are worthy of death. Rom. 1 good example of this. There are many places in the O.T. that says if you do this you shall surely put to death.
Remember, that since God is a creator, it's perfectly ok for God to kill or destroy. Since we did not create our others, it is wrong for us to destroy.

If you made a wooden car, then you have the right to destroy it. If you create a wooden car, I DO NOT have the right to destroy it.

Originally Posted by atlas View Post
Now as to war, we know that God told many in the O.T. to go to war. We also can not find any N.T. passage that forbids war. We also know for a fact that the battle of Armageddon will take place in the future. This can only be called a war.
We find places in the NT, where God forbids violence. Violence is war.

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