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Critical Thinking
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Originally Posted by Will Kinney View Post
Hi Critical. From what I know of this forum the vast majority of us are all Bible believers. That is, we all believe that the King James Bible is the only complete, pure, perfect, inspired and 100% true Holy Bible and Standard by which all other versions and translations are to be measured and compared.

We do not hold up any one man or group of men as being our final authority. We are all sinners saved by the grace of God through the redeeming blood of the Lamb of God - our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Not all of us here are in agreement on several issues or doctrines, but what unites us is a common faith in our Lord and Redeemer and a belief that the King James Bible IS the true and pure words of God. ...
Amen, Amen, and Amen!
Originally Posted by Will Kinney View Post
... So, now for the third time, I again will post my initial question to you, which so far you keep avoiding. ...
It really doesn't matter how many times you've asked; you could have asked 100 times while I busy or away. I was never "avoiding" the question, but because of your impatience I have been delaying my answer.

Before I give my answer, allow me to make a prediction: I think you'll be surprised, but because of your pride you will be unsatisfied with my answer. If my conviction is precisely the same as yours, I think you'll just call me a 'lier' (as you have virtually already done); if my answer is one tittle different than your conviction, I think you will just label me a 'heretic'. Already from my brief sharing here, my Christian education has been slandered and my testimony of salvation dismissed. I have nothing to gain by giving an answer. Yet I will answer.
Originally Posted by Will Kinney View Post
... In case your critical thinking skills have missed it (as you did the Greek footnote about kaiper estin being the Received text reading) here it is again. ...
Critical thinking skills have nothing to do with avoiding honest mistakes. Since you keep bringing up the mistake I made, I must not have sufficiently apologized yet. So again, I am sorry; I was wrong there.

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