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Old 06-14-2009, 09:39 PM
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Default Re: " "Rightly Dividing" The Book of Acts"

Originally Posted by premio53 View Post
"I must say that this is a strange forum. I simply wanted to discuss scripture and everything becomes a personal attack.

You accuse Winman of maybe not being saved because he disagreed
with your interpretation concerning two gospels and then in this thread after Winman presented strong arguments supported by scripture you accuse him of:"

1) you will not rightly divide the word of truth
2) preconceived Ideas as to what the scriptures teach
3) failure to properly study to show thy self approved

"I simply thanked Winman for presenting what I thought were strong scriptural arguments and couldn't understand why anyone would accuse him of not studying the scriptures. The next thing I know George comes out of a whirlwind and slams me for not being hospitable because he thinks I was attacking you while demanding to know everything about my personal life instead of addressing the scriptures!

I have no idea who George is but he seems to run this forum. That's fine. I'm new and understand my pecking order but I really don't understand the sensitive feelings. I will refrain from posting for awhile

You conveniently "LEFT OUT" your "CHEAP SHOTS" against a brother in Christ who you NO NOT KNOW! You claimed: "I simply wanted to discuss Scripture". Is criticizing and insulting one of the brethren on this Forum - "simply discussing Scripture"? I trow not!

Premio53’s quote Post #50:
Why would it matter if he was Jehovah Witness, Morman or any other cult? Why not just answer the scriptures he has presented? Are you seeking some information to go after him personally?”
If you want to know WHY I got on your case - carefully read this link:

By your disingenuous reply above, it's obvious that you will easily "overlook" your personal insults to someone on this Forum; (someone about whom you know NOTHING about) and then you try to play the "innocent injured party" when someone calls you down for your "attitude".

For your information - I do not run this Forum. (If I did you would already be gone.) But when some "UNKNOWN STRANGER" comes on to the AV1611 Bible Forums and starts to "criticize" a fellow brother in Christ (and a personal friend of mine to boot), you can bet your bottom dollar that the "old curmudgeon" will admonish. reprove, or rebuke you for your "indiscretion".

We are very tolerant here, but we will not put up with some "newbie" (an "UNKNOWN STRANGER") joining our Forum and, without even a "Howdy Do", who starts to "criticize" one of the brethren here. If you knew anything about "common courtesy" you would not have made the remarks that you made about brother Chette Nichols, but since you obviously lack the "social graces", I'm here to remind you that we don't take kindly to "UNKNOWN STRANGERS" insulting our friends and fomenting trouble.

Oh, and by the way - I NEVER asked you about "everything in your personal life" (you do have a way of "twisting" things don't you?), but it is hard to understand WHY an "Old fashioned Baptist" is reluctant to at least introduce themselves and give a word of friendly testimony, before jumping into the middle of a "controversial Issue" and start insulting some of the brethren. We still don't know whether you are a man or a woman.

Read the Link, perhaps you will know "where I am coming from".

Proverbs 4:24 Put away from thee a froward mouth, and perverse lips put far from thee.

Proverbs 10:17 He is in the way of life that keepeth instruction: but he that refuseth reproof erreth.

Last edited by George; 06-14-2009 at 09:46 PM.

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