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Originally Posted by tonybones2112 View Post
Brother Jerry, I didn't spend maybe a total of nine hours, with a partially severed finger, typing my responses to Tandi because I am mad at her or don't like her. She complains about being mocked, she never addresses the responses to her except to complain that someone has done something mean and nasty to her. When you can get a response from her it's usually some second hand SDA nonsense and the only Scripture she quotes is to again complain that she is being treated badly in the forum, "mocked", and "misrepresented".

So after almost 3 months I'm waiting for her to proclaim her position as I did from practically day one.

Grace and peace brother

Hello Tony,

I'm back after spending some time reading many of the older posts on this forum as requested. I am ready to "proclaim my position" if this would be allowed by Brandon. My husband and I distributed a tract we wrote a few years ago and I could post it on the forum in segments for your critique. I would welcome all critiques, although I anticipate much opposition. My position is solidly based on KJV Scriptures, though I am not of the "rightly dividing" dispensational persuasion as you know.

You also said:

My point? My point is that Paul rebuked the Corinthians because there were Judaizers in the church and I've written another small book in this message because sister Tandi, you are the Judaizer in this forum.

You're not? Then we can expect your renunciation of sabbath keeping, torah following, and shaloming in your next message.
I will stop with the shaloms per your request, but I am sorry I cannot renounce sabbath keeping or torah following in accordance with my strongly held, Biblical convictions. Jesus taught that we are to live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God (Matt. 4:4; Luke 4:4) i.e., the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20). He did not say "Jews" shall live by these precepts, He said "Man" shall live by them. The word "torah" means "instruction." I find it delightful, not a burden, to follow God's instructions, and I especially call the Sabbath a delight (Isaiah 58:13-14).

To Brandon: In anticipation of the question, yes, I accept the KJV Bible as my final authority. All of my points will be made by quoting KJV verses Greek or Hebrew.

May I proceed?


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