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Old 11-01-2008, 03:00 AM
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Originally Posted by PB1789 View Post
Good Post!

Agree very much with Steven's words and ideas above. I have often thought that a Warning first, then a 2 week suspension, 30 day suspension, then if the person still persists in Heresy/Cultic/Anti-A.V.-K.J./Foul behaviour/or "Self-appointed Pope" status, then- Ban them! Not banned simply because someone on this website doesn't like folks that don't "walk-in-lockstep" with him.

There was a lady on here that I had replied to a few times when she asked questions. {Doxa is her name} She seemed like a nice person with a good attitude and could have been taught ( IMO) the correct things of Christianity, if she had not been "Banned". She went "off" when she started talking about Visions and experiences... which most of us Bible believers are very leary/queesy/alarmed at. I think she has a good heart but she needs good direction, and I felt that she got "hammered" rather than helped. A suspension along with a reading list of good books for her would be more helpful, than a Ban.
Yeah I felt the same with Doxa. But then again, I have a problem with wanting to defend those for whatever reason I feel have some redeeming qualities about them. Then again, she should have known better than to talk charismatic mumbo jumbo on a Bible believing forum!

Peace and Love,
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δοξα - glory. Interesting.

When I was running a board at (currently offline), I experienced a very unwelcome deluge of Bible correctors and assorted idiots that caused nothing but trouble. As a result, I created a "no-holds-barred" area of the forum where everyone was allowed, but restricted their user group to that area so they couldn't interfere with our fellowship. I never actually banned anyone; two or three of them got out of hand enough that I muted them, but the only person that was banned was banned by another moderator.

I don't like the banishment idea so much, mainly because at the time the interlopers were all making snide remarks about my forum on another board (which just so happens to be a cesspool of idiocy and corruption), and I didn't want to give them Martyrs' Syndrome. It seemed to work out for the best at the time; I don't know if that would be something that you could employ, but I figured I'd at least give my opinion from my past experiences.

(p.s. brother, if you need help, I'm available; I know I'm really new here, and there are others more experienced than I, but I'm available to give you a hand if you so choose.)

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