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Default Henry Ainsworth

Hi Folks,

One writer who is very good on the purity of God's word should be understood as not using Psalm 12:7 for the preservation of the words of God.
Henry Ainsworth, (1571–1622) was an English Nonconformist clergyman and scholar.
Henry Ainsworth.. the Psalms were printed in 1612

Here is an how Henry Ainsworth is referenced. What is said is correct, yet incomplete in a preservation discussion, since Ainsworth was one of the few who in that period who we have found who clearly took a "persons" view. (Peter Van Kleeck may mention that in his paper.)
Psalm 12:7 and Bible Preservation

Consider some excerpts from this excellent study:

The Translational And Exegetical Rendering Of Psalm 12:7 Primarily Considered In The Churchly Tradition Of The 16Th And 17Th Centuries And Its Expression In The Reformation English Bibles: THE GENIUS OF AMBIGUITY, By Peter Van Kleeck ...

This essay will show the diversity of the textual and exegetical tradition of Psalm 12:6-7 ... By so doing, the inadequacy of modern renditions of Psalm 12:7 will be exposed...

Annotations by Henry Ainsworth, 1626. Briggs commends Ainsworth as the "prince of Puritan commentators" and that his commentary on the Psalms is a "monument of learning." ... Ainsworth states that "the sayings" [of Psalm 12:7] are "words" or "promises" that are "tried" or "examined" "as in a fire." He cross references the reader to Psalm 18:31; 119:140; and Proverbs 30:5, each reference having to do with the purity of the word.

This is accurate, the verses I put below, however since the context is also preservation this should be referenced.
Ainsworth, Henry. Annotations on the Pentateuch or the Five Books of Moses; the Psalms of David; and the Song of Solomon. London: Blackie, 1843.

Ver. 8.—PRESERVE HIM,] That ˇs, every one of them : so before in the end of tbe sixth verse, and often in the scripture, like sudden change of number may be observed. It may also be read prayer-wise, ' keep them, preserve him.' The Gr. changeth person also, saying, "will keep us, and preserve us." FROM THIS GENERATION] That is, from the men of this generation ; as when Christ said. ' Whereto shall I liken this generation?' Matt. xi:16, he meant, ' Whereto shall I liken the men of this generation?' Luke tu. 31. The like may be seen in Matt. xi. IS. 42, compared with Luke xi:31. The original word Dor, that is, ' generation, race, or 'age,' hath the signification of durance, or durable dwelling and abiding, Ps. Ixxxiv:II, and so noteth the whole age or time ' that i man dureth in this world,' Eccl. i. 4, and so consequently for 'a multitude of men that lire together in any age,' as here, and Deut, i. 35, and in many other places.

Here are the verse references.
Psalm 12:7 - Commentaries

Psalms 18:31
As for God, his way is perfect:
the word of the LORD is tried:
he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.
For who is God save the LORD?
or who is a rock save our God?

Psalms 119:140
Thy word is very pure:
therefore thy servant loveth it.

Proverbs 30:5
Every word of God is pure:
he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.


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