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Old 02-20-2008, 04:31 PM
sting of truth
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Default good, solid, accurate books for the king james bible

i was wondering if you fine people could recommend a few good solid books all about defending the kjv, and also proving why it is the word of God in english.. so far my books about the kjv is limited to the answer book by sam gipp, and answers to your bible version questions by david daniels. i'm on a really tight budget, and want to get books that are reccomended by people who are sticklers for biblical accuracy like me. so any books you guys could reccomend would be greatly appreciated. just make sure these books are easy to read, and understand and are not totally boring seeing as how i'm going to be lending these out to people, and reading them myself. and make sure the books aren't way out there i don't want the books to be dismissed because the author is a little cuckoo
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My top two recommendations are here:

I also have a full review of Crowned With Glory here:
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One book that I read which was from Sam Gipp was " Understandable History of the Bible." That book helped me alot.
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One excellent book on this issue is Touch Not The Unclean Thing by David Sorenson. One feature of this book is that it specifically applies the doctrine of separation to the Bible version issue and the manuscripts used.
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Default A KJV Defense Library

If I had to pick the two best software programs for IFB KJV.
1. Sword searchers
2. The Fundamental Baptist CD-ROM Library. Way of life.

The Way of life encyclopedia is offered in Sword Searchers format.

David cloud has one of the most extensive libraries on the defense of the KJV.
He also does his home work. A must have is "The Fundamental Baptist CD-ROM Library". It contains everything you would ever need. He also warns against some KJV men and women who miss represent the KJV position. He deals in depth on the influence of German rationalist of the 1800.

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A book that also comes with the Way of Life Encyclopedia is Things Hard To Be Understood. That book is one that showed me in a practical way that there are NO errors in the KJV and that every single seeming discrepancy or Biblical problem can be reconciled.

Those who are KJVonly know there are no errors - but sometimes we don't know how to answer questions about particular difficult passages or how to reconcile numbers in parallel passages. This book gives explanations, as well as shows possible solutions for various problems that may come up in the defense of the KJV.
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sting of truth
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wow, thank you everyone so much for the recomendations. i was just checkin chick's site, and i was wondeing if anyone hada chance to review any of these books
1. If the Foundations Be Destroyed-Chick Salliby

2. Let's Weigh the Evidence -Barry Burton

3. Final Authority -Dr. William Grady
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I highly recommend this book, (given to me from a dear brother in Christ)

It's not the easiest of reads and it took a while for me to finish it, although I learned so much from this book. Much about the history of the Church and of the Bible and how the new versions, (Poly-Scripturae) have effected the world.
It seems more of a compilation of many great writers such as Dean John Burgon

Originally Posted by Bible for Today

Here is another brand new book entitled: "THE LIE THAT CHANGED THE MODERN WORLD--A Refutation of the Modernist Cry: ‘Poly-Scripturae.'" It is in hardback format, 440 pages in all. The book is by H. D. Williams, M.D. It is a factual defense not only of the King James Bible, but also of the Hebrew and Greek Words that undlie the King James Bible.

The author is a medical doctor, now retired, who has researched this important topic thoroughly. Though he has not had the benefit of formal theological or seminary training, he has proved to one and all that so-called "lay" people who have a desire to understand this important subject can do so by diligent study, as Dr. Williams has done.

May the Lord Jesus Christ use and honor this study in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead until our Lord Jesus Christ returns. It should be in every layman's library, every Pastor's library, every church library, every college library, every university library, and in every theological seminary library.

It is only $16.00 each + $5.00 S&H (domestic), #HB3125, 440 pp. Why not order yours today! You can order quantities of 5 for $13+$10&H (domestic). Credit Card orders welcomed.

The full title is THE LIE THAT CHANGED THE MODERN WORLD--A Refutation of the Modernist Cry: "Poly-Scripturae."
Order by PHONE: 1-800-JOHN 10:9
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Order by MAIL: Bible For Today
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SOT, my opinion is the very very best KJV defense is that of Edward F. Hills "The King James Version Defended". The late great E.F. Hills was a bona fide work-a-day text critic. When the Lord brought E.F.Hills to see that textual criticisim was going to offend and dissapoint its evangelical followers (the ones who believed the original lie that the "science" of text criticism would reconstruct the actual wording of the original) and was therefore really bankrupt of any good whatsoever, he reevaluated his position and came to see that we know what we know about God's providential preservation and we know what we know (that the King James Version is God's infallible preserved word in english) we know all of this BY FAITH and not by the deficient bankrupt doubt ridden faith destroying work of unbelieving men pseudo science of textual criticism.

He is infact the modern day John William Burgon. And his book is a fresh discovery of Burgons'.
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Default Key books and ideas

I also recommend Edward Hills' book, and Dr Thomas Holland's book. (A good King James Bible study tool to use on your computer is SwordSearcher, which has Dr Holland's book as part of the package.)

There are several concepts which should be understood, of which I list in no particular order:

1. Defence of the method of selection of the underlying text of the KJB. By which I mean understanding that the translators regarded many sources, and how that they formed an independent variety of the Textus Receptus in English, which is in its final form.

2. Defence of the method of translation of into English. By which I mean Burgon's suggestion that the translators were rendering as if the prophets and apostles had written in English, and that we have the exact sense of the original languages as given in English without addition or subtraction, thus, the very sense of the message as communicated by God when the Scripture was inspired.

3. Defence of the method which God in His providence utilised, to supply to the world one language as common, and have for them a Bible which is the best, and so have men from all nations being readied to hear and understand His Word, being given in the King James Bible for the latter days.

4. Defence of Biblically consistent principles which apply to the Bible itself prophetically, such as that it has been purified seven times, and that study and fact shows that the King James Bible has indeed gone through this process.

5. Defence of the concept that the God who was powerful enough to give His Word was also powerful enough to keep it, and was powerful enough to have it fully in English, and even have it to be known as to what is the proper standard edition of it, pure to the jot and tittle.

6. Defence that the very structure of the Scripture is present, to the very details of the Authorized Version, including that words are defined by the King James Bible in a way particular to itself, that all and all, it is a self-authenticating book, showing the divine commendation in every whit.

7. Defence that external events and factors show that God has blessed and providentially appointed the King James Bible with a high purpose.

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