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Old 05-11-2009, 01:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Renee View Post
Aloha Tandi,

Again you have shown in your quote below that you do not fully understand words (and origins). Aloha is English originated in Hawaii. You do not do "Tandakiya" justice in using his name. Appaloosas are very "smart" horses and can be trained to do things and not chomp against the bit.

You are a very good example of why women should not teach men. You insert snide little sweet remarks (like only women can do) like in the quote above. These "smart" remarks are uncalled for. Like a woman you just bait George.

I see why there are so many divorces today!


There's hope for sister Tandi yet Renee, I wrote her what constitutes a small book along with the pleading of many others in this forum. Right now she wants to glory in her own works and flesh, to go about establishing her own righteousness with her shaloms and el shaddai bumperstickers and maybe through her fall some Gentile will rise and be exalted in Christ. She'll get tired one day of being rocky ground and just keep giving her Scripture, it won't return to Him void. If it richochets off her it'll just take someone else in the heart, it's not been in vain.

Grace, peace, and D'osvedonya sister


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