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Default Bible College: The Bible Doctrine Institute


I am currently attending The Bible Doctrine Institute. It is a wonderful Bible college. I wanted to make a post about it so others
will know what they have to offer.

The Bible Doctrine Institute is a local church Bible Institute. That offers correspondence courses at a very low cost. I have spoken with Dean of Students David Furukawa. I am started the Bachelor of Divinity program.

You can find out all of the information you will need at The Bible Doctrine Institutes website.

The Bible Doctrine Institute operates as a correspondence school, making it possible for ministerial students to earn a non-accredited, college level Theological Degree, and yet be active in their local church. It is not their desire to keep students from attending traditional schools. The Bible Doctrine Institute exists to train those for whom traditional school is not an option.

Tuition and Fees:

Registration Fee: $50.00

Each semester: $200.00

Study Programs:


Course Semesters - 2


Course Semesters - 6


Two Year Maximum Time Limit

The cost of a Master of Theology Degree will be $500.00.


Two Year Maximum Time Limit

The cost of a Doctor of Theology Degree will be $750.00.


You can enroll at TBDI by printing out and completing a form below and mailing it in along with the appropriate payment. If a course requires a book, it will be your responsibility to purchase that book. You may keep all CDs, handouts, and any course material that you receive.

Please mail your application for admission and payment to:

The Bible Doctrine Institute
3857 Hartley Road
Jacksonville, Florida 32257

Also contact the Dean of Students: David Furukawa (904) 307-4000.

Bible Believers Baptist Church
3857 Hartley Road
Jacksonville, FL 32257
Dr. David Peacock, Pastor

Contact TBDI:

Phone (904) 288-7989
Fax: (904) 260-1810
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The Bible Doctrine Institute
Bachelor of Divinity
List of Courses
First Year - First Semester

Class Teacher

1 - Preparation and Delivery 1-1 DR. JAMES A. LINCE
2 - Rightly Dividing DR. GREG ESTEP
3 - Romans 1 DR. JAMES A. LINCE
4 - 1 Corinthians 1 DR. DAVID L. PEACOCK
5 - Colossians MIKE WHEELER
6 - Philippians MIKE WHEELER
7 - Local Church MIKE WHEELER
8 - Old Testament Survey MIKE WHEELER

First Year - Second Semester

9 - Preparation and Delivery 1-2 DR. JAMES A. LINCE
10 - Bible Cults BRAD GROSS, M.Th.
11 - Romans 2 DR. JAMES A. LINCE
12 - 1 Corinthians 2 DR. DAVID L. PEACOCK
13 - Galatians DR. JAMES A. LINCE
14 - Ephesians DR. JAMES A. LINCE
15 - Church History 1 DR. JAMES A. LINCE
16 - New Testament Survey MIKE WHEELER

The Bible Doctrine Institute
Bachelor of Divinity
List of Courses
Second Year - First Semester

17 - Preparation and Delivery 2-1 DR. JAMES A. LINCE
18 - 2 Corinthians DR. VINCE MASSA
19 - 1-2 Thessalonians DR. DAVID L. PEACOCK
20 - 1-2 Timothy DR. JAMES A. LINCE
21 - Titus DR. JAMES A. LINCE
22 - John 1 DR. VINCE MASSA
23 - Church History 2 DR. JAMES A. LINCE

Second Year - Second Semester

24 - Preparation and Delivery 2-2 DR. JAMES A. LINCE
25 - John 2 DR. VINCE MASSA
26 - Daniel 1 DR. GREG ESTEP
27 - Daniel 2 DR. GREG ESTEP
28 - Revelation 1 DR. JAMES A. LINCE
29 - Revelation 2 DR. JAMES A. LINCE
30 - Church History 3 DR. JAMES A. LINCE

The Bible Doctrine Institute
Bachelor of Divinity
List of Courses

Third Year - First Semester

31 - Preparation and Delivery 3-1 DR. JAMES A. LINCE
32 - John 3 DR. VINCE MASSA
33 - Hebrews DR. JAMES A. LINCE
34 - James DR. JAMES A. LINCE
35 - 1 Peter MIKE WHEELER
36 - 2 Peter MIKE WHEELER
37 - 1-2-3 John Dr. VINCE MASSA

Third Year - Second Semester

38 - Genesis DR. DAVID E. WALKER
39 - Matthew DR. GREG ESTEP
40 - Acts DR. JAMES A. LINCE
41 - Problem Texts DR. JAMES A. LINCE
42 - Manuscript Evidence DR. JAMES A. LINCE
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Here is the list of books and where you can obtain them. I made this list a little with back. I think the list is still good.

TDBI Application:

TDBI Student Handbook:

TDBI Required Textbooks List:

The Trail of Blood, J.M. Carroll

Available as a printed booklet from:

Bryan Station Baptist Church
3175 Briar Hill Road
Lexington, KY 40516
Trail of Blood costs are $1.50 per book for up to 5 copies, $1.25 per copy after that.

Preparation & Delivery

The Preacher and His Preaching, Alfred P. Gibbs


The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds on Prayer, E.M. Bounds

$7.99 ... &event=CFN

Old Paths Preaching Methods, Dr. James A. Lince


You can obtain this book from TBDI.

Phone (904) 288-7989

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, C.I. Scofield

PM me and I'll email you a copy for free if you like.

Church History

The History of the New Testament Church, Volume I, Dr. Peter S. Ruckman RK-91
The History of the New Testament Church, Volume II, Dr. Peter S. Ruckman RK-92

Both books are $41.95 if you buy them together

Manuscript Evidence
Manuscript Evidence, Dr. Peter S. Ruckman RK-93

Manuscript Evidence is $19.95

Dr. Peter S. Ruckman's Books can be purchased at
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Default The Bible Doctrine Institute

Hey brother I am a graduate of the Bible Doctrine Institute and one of the last graduates from its original name. As you know the Institute started as tje Blue Ridge Bible Institute. I received my Bachelor's about 7 months after Dr. Lince went to be with the Lord. Brother Mike Wheeler was the president at that time after Bro. Lince died. After a little while, Bro Wheeler turned the Institute over to Dr. Peacock. I received my Master's of Theology from the Bible Doctrine Institute by writing 2 works. One was on the Local Church and one on the 7 mysteries. It wasn't an easy process, but God saw me through and used Dr. Peacock to help me. I am still praying about my Doctorate through this great Institute. Feel free to ask questions to Dr. Peacock or if you want, I can help. The hardest part of the Institute to me was the Prep and Delivery class as well as the 2 thesis'. Praise God

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