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Question a superior authorization?

Since the first 'authorized' English Bible is the "Great Bible", authorized by Henry VIII, why is the King James Bible superior in its authorization? What authorized that the KJB has Biblical English and the Great Bible and/or other versions do not?
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It is observable in the natural that it was the King and Anglican hierarchy which did indeed "Authorize" the King James Bible. Although the specific Privy Council papers regarding this are thought lost in the fire of Whitehall (1618). Nevertheless, the presence of the wording, "Appointed to be read in Churches" and the very nature of the Epistle Dedicatory all indicate to posterity that this was indeed a work promulgated by authority.

I also have an issue that I would like to discuss, so I will also ask you some questions:

Do you believe God in His Divine Providence has favoured the King James Bible above the Great Bible?

Could the manifestation of Providence be a source of authority, if it were aligning with Scripture generally, and specific verses and prophetic statements?

Are you at least prepared for real discussion, where the facts themselves are taken? Are you willing to look at things from a Biblical perspective without allowing some sort of anti-King James Bible only vendetta to cloud the issue?
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The King James Bible was authorized by the people, regardless of how much it may or may not have been authorized by the king.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary gives these definitions:

1. To give authority, warrant or legal power to; to give a right to act; to empower; as, to authorize commissioners to settle the boundary of the state.

3. To establish by authority, as by usage, or public opinion; as an authorized idiom of language.

4. To give authority, credit or reputation to; as to authorize a report, or opinion.

5. To justify; to support as right.
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The only way "the people" can authorise anything is if they have authority to do so. Certainly, believers in Christ have authority to do so, and the consensus of the universal priesthood of believers is that the King James Bible is to really be considered THE Bible.
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That's right. King James I had 1,000 signatures from pastors.

For in the word of the king there is power, but in the word of the king and the people.....

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