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Default Colleges

My husband and I are both college students and he wants to be a biblical history professor. We see some of the people(article writers and possibly some of you) have Th.D's and M.A's and wonder what schools some of these have gone to? He really doesn't want to be trained as a preacher, do any of you know any reputable schools? Thanks!
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Default Bump!

Hi there! Saw your post "back-when" and waited for someone to reply to you but, alas, no help. I don't have a fer-shur, gaar aan teedd suggestion, but I'll give you and your husband some tips and ideas. Remember that not all (shall we say- Most?) Colleges/Schools/Institutes use the A.V.-K.J. Only, so if that is your main criteria, be prepared to do some relocating/moving.

If you can live with that, then I could recommend "The Master's College"/Seminary in So. California. The program and course of study is solid and not "fluffy". They use the NASB. I've heard some of their teachers/profs./students preach and they are pretty solid. Downside is the rents in Smogifornia are very $$$. Also you will need an automobile!

Another school that has been around awhile and seems "OK" is Pennsacola Christian College. They are in Florida. They have a real campus with buildings and chairs (not just a P.O.Box-).

Another one is Shasta Bible College in Northern California. Their "Statement of Faith" sounds good. {I came across them while Googling "Christian Bible Colleges".}

A.) MAKE SURE that the College/University is Accredited by some REAL agency/group. {Not themselves} You will waste losts of Tuition if the institution is NOT a real Degree granting place of Higher Education. Especially if your husband wants to teach some place in the future. I knew a young woman who went to a pentecostal-based college in So.Cal. for 4 years and then found out that they were not accredited, so she could only get a teaching job at elementary schools affiliated with that group. No State wide teaching certificate! She moved back to Montana...very unhappy.

B.) Be aware that some "independent fundamental baptist schools/colleges" are a bit short on doctrine/scholarship/library books, and rather looong on memorizing a few favorite verses. Read the Curriculum brochure from the college. Look at the Textbooks that they have on their Reading list.

C.) Ask about Living quarters/Food/Laundry/Possible part-time jobs/Grants-Scholarships. Make sure they hold to the Truth of Genesis 1:1, and John 14:6!

KJVgal:---Hope this helps you and your husband.
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Thank you greatly. Even though this is not my thread, I have the same question, and for the sixth time, I feel that I am being pointed to Master's college for many reasons, on many fronts. Thanks for recommending it, PB.

Sorry for leeching off your thread KJVgal

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