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Old 11-06-2008, 01:10 PM
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Well, we do have to repent of our sins, but repentance is not forsaking. It's a change of mind. So when I got saved (after reading a chick tract) I saw that God hated my sin. I didn't want to do it anymore. And I have struggled, but in my mind, I have always hated sin after that day.

So yeah, while I love, because of his stand on eternal security and the freeness of grace, I have seen a trend where he is denying the neccesity of repentance, but on the other hand he has many articles about proper biblical repentance by John R Rice and H.A. Ironside (and ironside even says repent of your sins in "Except Ye Repent" after defining repentance as a change of mind about sin).

The word repent is not a dirty word.

I haven't really found anything on that I would disagree with majorly. There is much conspiracy stuff there, but I ignore that part.. his sections on false teachers, false doctrines, King James Bible are great (you should really dig around that menu at the top - the site is absolutely massive). Jesus-is-lord on the other hand.. well, you know what I think of that place (even though, same as with Stephanos, it was very helpful for me as a young christian - I just see it as quite legalistic now - in the proper sense of the word).

EDIT: I agree with Josh to some extent. But we must not only turn from unbelief, but from self righteousness and anything else we trust in. When anyone comes to Christ, they will come with a heavy burden of sin. They cannot but do anything else.

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