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Old 02-29-2008, 06:00 AM
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Originally Posted by timothy View Post
Heh, my wife has a learning disability and she can understand the KJV.

Why not call your new Bible ABTV (Another Bible Translation Version)?)
I wasn't trying to be mean with what I wrote last night. It occured me this morning that it could be taken as mean spirited, so if that the feeling you got, I apologized for not being clear enough.

It is truth that my wife has a learning disability and that she can understand the KJV just fine. She gets lost in all the newer translation even with their guise of better readability. What would make yours any different than the other translations, who like your translation comapares themselves to the KJV? So really, to me, it's just another bible translation version.

Also Foley, I have a question for your consideration: Are you commissioned by a king to do this?
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Old 02-29-2008, 06:02 AM
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Default Full of the spirit

Hi Foley,

After you have finished perfecting the NT maybe you could come down to our local Cinese takeaway and straighten out their menu...last night I ordered sweet and sour pork but got deep fried dumplings instead.

They really need an expert like you to iron out all the translation errors in that thing.

I reckon the only spirit working away in you is called "Jack Daniels"

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sting of truth
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Originally Posted by sting of truth View Post
thank goodness i'm not as self righteous as this guy is, to think that a person who does not speak greek, or maybe even he does, could go back and correct the work of over 46 men who spoke the language fluently and were masters of the language.. maybe this guy is james white.. james white has a lot of self righteousness like this, always going and correcting the work of others on the nasb which he claims to be the bible.

i got just one question, nobody has ever answered it.

if the KJV is not the infallible, innerrant word of God, what is?
i'd really like to have foley respond to my question..
Old 02-29-2008, 03:36 PM
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Default Mhh My posed Question

Hello there,
Praise Our good King Jesus!
As His son I have to pose a question!!
My Father is 100% out of error(I mean He is perfect!!)
My Question is;If there is no perfect word of God Unless
In Greek and Hebrew;then why are we NOT learning the languages?
Another Question;If Greek and Hebrew are perfect word of God,Then
Do we need only Greeks and Hebrews(And all who know the languages)
to preach to us? Because it sounds to me that NO Bible in other Languages
As the word of God is Pure!!!(Meaning 100% free of Impurity)

Suggestion:Foley,my dear,Since your Translation is already 5% Impure,then IT IS NOT THE WORD OF GOD!! Just call it a paraphrase or A BIBLE and NOT THE BIBLE
Stay blessed!
Ev. Steve
Old 02-29-2008, 04:35 PM
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Wink grade schoolers understand the KJV

G'day, Hereís one for ya. I teach a scripture class in Australian public schools. I only use and pass out and teach KJV. The kids understand the Bible. I give Bibles out (KJV only) to our year 6 students. One girl has read her KJV Bible half way through in 6 months. She loves it. (Maybe I should have told here how hard it was to understand) then I could have her pay thousands of dollars to go to seminary to help her understand that she can't understand the Bible.

If some one says the KJV is too hard to read they are flat out liars. Our 5th and 6th graders read it and love it.

Old 02-29-2008, 08:59 PM
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Thumbs up

For you timothy! Theres a King called Jesus who has commisioned me to do this work.And yes he did! so stop knashing your teeth and thinking evil boy.I know most of your responses are based in what the scripture would say of the Jews against Paul(moved with envy)or if you like motifated by spite or jealousy. Did paul not say to judge nothing before the time! until god sheds light on the hidden things of darkness and exposes the motives of mens hearts?Are you really a christian? do you abide by the word of god or like all others just listen to the bits that suit you. Yes those who are spiritual judge all things: but thats not the context of my previous quote.
For you sting of truth! the ennerant word of God is in koine greek, period! Fact! end of story! IT WASN"T ORIGINALLY WRITTEN IN ENGLISH, it was TRANSLATED from" the "KOINE GREEK ENNERANT WORD OF GOD" INTO a theatrical language that was not even commonly spoken in those days.
you are all telling me about babies and 5 year olds and disabled people understanding the king james, well you know as well as i do that your all liars and you know very well there is a tonne of words in there that they don't understand and have need of a dictionary for, not to mention the back to front sentence structures, outdated words that have lost their meaning,and in some cases just plain mistranslations by the king james scholars.
This whole debate is simply about an OPINION as to which TRANSLATION is best.
i've said it once and i'll say it again. I have discovoured while doing my work, that the king james is about 80% accurate and offers very little in the way of transferable revelation to the reader, due to it's over reliance on LITERAL translation ideologies that supress the original intended meaning and misconstrue the exact context.
I'm gonna tell you all point blank the my version is gonna take over the modern world as the premier most read bible, and it will gain momentum very quickly and most if not all of you will be relying on it for your devotional reading and meditating on the word of god.
My version is approx 95% accurate while offering abundant revelation, clarity, substance, accuracy and complete ease of reading in TODAYS syntax word structures and meanings. But i can tell you all for certain that the words in the king james bible are simply the work of men doing the best job they could to represent the original greek scriptures.Nothing more, nothing less!!!

If you would like me to tell it to you straight, i will.

As i started translating, God informed me that he has given me the divine perogative to update the king james bible as i see fit, because he trusts me and that my bible will be the first to TRULY REPLACE the original king james bible.
I'm only doing the new testament and will be signing a deal with the TNIV and NLT bible publishers to use their versions for the old testament.

I amusing the LITV and greek interlinear and concordance and seven other translations available, including the NASB updated,the TNIV and the original king james, so stop panicing and just let god do his work through me.
I will inform you that i have(by necessity) resorted to approx 20% paraphrasing, 30% dynamic equivalence, and 50% literal translation techniques, just so you know what to expect.
this statement that the king james bible is the innerant word of god in english is just a blind pigheaded ignorant insecure assumption on all of your part, but in a way i understand your feelings because so many of the other translations we have a pure rubbish TINGED with stunning accuracy.
By using the other versions to help me i am effectively using the help of hundreds of scholars as opposed to your 40 or so scholars soi stop raving on at me about your woeful stance.
Even the original king james admitsin the preface "with the former translations diligently compared and revised".
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As i started translating, God informed me that he has given me the divine perogative to update the king james bible as i see fit, because he trusts me and that my bible will be the first to TRULY REPLACE the original king james bible.
The works and weapons of the enemies are dust and stubble. It is turning to incoherent typography.
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Foley, God is not calling you to correct the KJB. You are less than a pygmy in comparison to men like Lancelot Andrews who penned his own daily Greek, and John Bois read the scriptures at the age of Hebrew.(these guys were KJB translators). These guys conversed in Greek.
"motifated and innerant"!?! c'mon chief! You don't have a handle on English. You trifle with with Holy Writ at your own peril.
Yes young children do read the King James Bible and understand it. The scriptures are best received by one as children.(Mat 11:25) Who more to receive and understand them than children.
Foley is either a contentious spirit, a prankster, or just not wrapped too tight and should be avoided.(Rom 16:17)

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Exclamation No No No!!

Hey, Let's back off this one. This is truly an EVIL spirit talking to him...

ROMANS: 12:21 Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

Let's not let this overcome us, This, error foely will pay for.
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Default Response

Originally Posted by sting of truth View Post
i'd really like to have foley respond to my question..
I am not Foley [for the record I think he may just be writing a little tongue in cheek] but I would like to answer your question if you do not mind. The KJV is a translation. The authors of the KJV were not inspired in the same way as the authors of the Bible. The KJV translators did an excellent job with the resources they had. They did not claim infallibility. They made a few translation errors, most have been corrected. A few remain today. The orthodox position of the church has always held to the inspiration of the original apograph not the copy. There are thousands of handwritten texts (a text is a copy in the original language and a translation is a copy in a different language) that have survived and they all have mistakes, they were copied by fallible men written by hand. Fortunately the problem is with less than 5% of the readings and there is a scientific way of deducing a text from the plethora of witnesses (the method is called lower criticism).

What we have today in English, Russian, German, and so forth are copies of Godís Word. They are inspired in the sense that they are a faithful witness to the original autograph. Making an English copy done in the 16th century and revised numbers of times through the years the standard by which all future translations are measured is an implausible position.

I do not question the motives of those who hold to such a position. I think all of you who do so do it with the intent to honor Godís Word. But in your efforts to demonstrate its reliability you demonstrate your ignorance of factual realities. I am sorry if this statement sounds harsh, the tone is intended to be one of compassionate criticism.

Below is a brief article on the reliability of Godís Word

Below is a link to a brief article on textual criticism

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