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Old 07-30-2009, 08:43 PM
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Sis Amanda,

I am just SHOCKED!!!! When does a Christian "not have time" to go into the Word and find out what God said?! Since when should we take a dictionary as a FIRST or QUICKER method of gleaning wisdom? The answer is NEVER!!! We are told to compare Scripture with Scripture. I totally disagree with your idea - that one should run to the dictionary (be it Oxford or Webster's) for a QUICK reference!!

If your husband or pastor is doing that, uhhhhhhhhh - I would question whether they are giving a good example for you to follow.

I'm guessing, from what you've said, that your Oxford dictionary is much more dog-earred than your Bible? Forgive me, if I'm wrong. If not, then why put it as a first preference for a quick look-up of the meaning of a word? If it's in relation to the Bible - then let's go to the BIBLE and let that define it!! I don't even own a dictionary, and I'm glad for that. The Holy Spirit is what I depend on for understanding and opening wisdom to me from the Word of God. I don't think the Holy Spirit is going to work with me in opening wisdom, if the book that I open is an Oxford or Webster's dictionary!

I LOVE getting into the Word of God - reading and studying. I will always put that FIRST. Nothing in life will get in the way of that. For that reason, I do sometimes take breaks from this forum for a few days, to intensify my studies of God's Word.

Definitely I agree with brother George, because a Christian most certainly shouldn't want to go to a dictionary and have their understanding clouded by a secular source, BEFORE going to the Bible.

Brother George's studies are right-on and they're very edifying. One has to get INTO the Word to understand them. That's what's good about them. It makes you open the Bible and read and study! His studies have been such a blessing for me and I hope and pray that he will continue to provide them for this forum. I, for one, appreciate them dearly. I know brother George puts a lot of time and study into them.


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