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Default KJV

I read somewhere that King James set up a committee to translate the bible into English but he was not pleased and would not authorize what they came up with. The committee publised it without his OK and thats what we have today as the KJV. Is this true?
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Originally Posted by ejb View Post
Is this true?

The history of the commissioning of the KJV is fairly well understood and documented. Nothing like what you described happened.
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Scott Simons
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There is not end to the lie that the enemy will prorogate to discredit the word of God. What is sad is those who call themselves Christians are the offenders. No one cares what bible you read unless it is the King James.
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Yeah, the book God's Secretaries is pretty good at documenting what is known about the translation process etc. We know that King James wrote the translation rules along with Richard Bancroft (a man who to my shock murdered countless puritans). I am just getting to the end of the book, so I can't say if I've read anything about James disagreeing with the end result.

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