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Originally Posted by peopleoftheway View Post
Thank you George for the Kind words. I do break bread and have family devotions with My Mother who is also saved a long number of years and we do try and put the world to right through the Good Book. In my returning to the LORD I had to leave behind many (to be honest all) worldly friends that I just couldn't be around due to their nature and with what they are involved in. Those Christians that I met in the ecumenical Church didn't heed any words I had to speak of about other Bibles. I didn't argue mind you, I just tried to steer some into truth with no avail, well I guess a seed was planted in any case. I have no real Christian fellowship to speak of at this present time in my life, But I know the LORD will bless me soon enough with a place to be and people of a like mind to be with. In fact he has blessed me through this forum, I have found those that I prayed about many weeks and months ago, KJV Bible believers, although we are not meeting in person, we can still edify each other from many many miles apart.

God Bless

In the name of My LORD Jesus Christ.

Aloha brother,

Your testimony is a real blessing to me. And it is my sincere hope that you will find someone (at least one friend), with whom you can fellowship with.

Once in a while I have somebody from Ireland visit my web site. Most of the time I can tell what town or city they are from, but not who they are.

Real Bible believers in the Western world are getting more scarce every year, and I just want to encourage you to continue standing for God's truth. I know it's trying and sometimes disheartening, but I believe that in these end times that is what we are "called" to do.

I pray you will continue on this Forum - I have met some real fine brethren here since March, and we have had some good "fellowship" (long distance) and have edified one another on several important issues.
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