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Originally Posted by PaulB View Post
The way that I look at it is that music is a form of accompaniment and worship is the expressed revelation of the glory of God from the soul. When the two are in harmony together it is the most beautiful expression of spiritual light that can be witnessed on this side of eternity.

A lot of what is happening today in church services is nothing other than religious entertainment – I played the clubs for around 20 years (before I was a Christian) and believe me there is hardly any difference (solo breaks, loud and overpowering sound systems and all followed with applause).

The music what used to be preached against is now endorsed as the “what worship is all about” – today there is more spent on that particular “ministry” than almost anything else. The word used to dominate the conscience – now it seems to be the beat, the jive and the latest release.

Not only that – but the “worship” has exchanged spiritual revelation for emotional sentimentalism where light and fluffy words of romance have replaced the doctrinal truths that express the Scriptural the position that God has over us – rather than the buddy/lover who can’t manage without me!

You are right in recognising something in the Hymns, as these do tend to reflect a time in history where the people that wrote them knew their God in a ways that still speaks volumes. I often think that modern worship is being used in way where people are trying to summons God!
I have experienced jazzy services where the music has been so entertaining that at the end of it (whilst all are still buzzing) the pastor has said “Oh what a wonderful sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit”.
After which I have often thought to myself; that if the Holy Spirit were truly amongst us then the evidence of that would be far different than what it would be if I had just heard the last waltz.
I’m sure that He would have something to say about the couples in here who are living with people whom they ought not to be with and doing the things so openly that they should be ashamed of.

For me spiritual truth hits the heart and the songs that we sing are the expressions of that. The reason for the change today is like it is with everything else – they are board with what we have always had and they want to have a church that they can redesign, patent & enjoy.

I can’t imagine a collective people trying to sing some of these mushy love songs when the church enters into perilous times – as our forefathers did with the hymns that they knew to be true when they were often tested.

God bless

Brother PaulB,

Some excellent points that you make! You're right that much of the music in church is more like ENTERTAINMENT - it isn't really glorifying God. And yes! The focus is on the INDIVIDUAL - what THEY do. That's horrifying! The focus ought to be on the LORD and what He has DONE! When I see performers, who claim to be Christians, swaying and "getting lost" in the music - I don't see it glorifying the Lord, nor edifying Christians. Like any performer, they undoubtedly LOVE the APPLAUSE! Like any rock stars, they no doubt get a "rush" being on stage and hearing that applause. What are we honoring and glorifying HUMANS for? Where is the glory to the Lord in that? I just don't see it - nor do I FEEL it. What I feel, from modern Christian rock or rap, is UNHOLY. Even though I can't hear, my gut instinct tells me that this music is anything BUT holy.

I wonder how much of the money earned by popular Christian music "stars" goes for the "great commission" - or do they consider their performance as being the "great commission"? Like any rock stars, they have a following, and I've watched performances of these popular Christian "rock" stars on TV, and have seen people in the audience swaying with their hands raised and their eyes closed, almost in a trance-like state, just into THEMSELVES and the FEELINGS that they have. It's the same FEELINGS that any rock music conjures up... nothing different about it.

Yes, it's emotional sentamentalism. That is the reason for the popularity of rock or pop music. And it's the same emotional sentimentalism that I see in the followers of such music. Using "love songs" and singing them to the LORD is so off-base! It makes it seem like they are in love with LOVE, and the feeling that that elicits, rather than HAVING LOVE for the LORD.

I'm still happy that I am deaf, in today's world. The Lord God has his reasons for ALLOWING certain things to occur. My deafness had a purpose. It wasn't caused by SIN... but it was allowed to bring me CLOSER to the Lord and to give me the ability to hear his still, small voice. Amidst the din of today's music, it's very difficult to hear the voice of God.


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