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Old 07-09-2009, 09:13 AM
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Default An appeal to Greenbear

Greenbear, I know that you have said that you were leaving, but I hope that you will see this and respond. I left a post in the "Noah/Ham" thread referring to this post.

I appeal to you to continue posting on the forum. I ask you to do so on two levels: First, and seriously, we are family. When a believer is offended and leaves fellowship with another believer who is the offender, the offender has no opportunity to correct the offense as Matthew 5:23-24 instructs us to do. Yesterday evening, this passage was part of our Bible study, and I asked for prayer to have the opportunity to be reconciled to you.

Second, and much sillier, you and I have a character flaw in common. We are cat servants. My wife and I I have been the continuous custodians and personal servants to scores of cats for to last 40+ years. All of these were strays or the offspring of them. Twice we had 20+ at one time. For some time now, we have been caretakers for three cats. "Chatty" is a siamese-mix that we have had for about 14 years. She came to us pregnant. Before we finally managed to get her "fixed", she blessed us with two large litters that she promptly abandoned. Feeding screaming kittens in the middle of the night for two months is a chore. "Sweety" has been with us for about 15 years. Her name is very befitting in that her only desire is to sit in one's lap and be scratched. Finally, we have "Jack". He showed up as a young kitten in our backyard one very early morning crying at the top of his voice. It took several days on work to finally get my hands on him. He is now grown, but has real people issues. We can pet him when he wants to eat, but he stays hidden the rest of the time. Even our dog "Chevy" loves cats.

So I can't be all that bad, now can I?

I desire to reconcile with you. If that is possible, please respond.

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