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Old 06-08-2008, 05:47 PM
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Good catch Diligent. Something did not pass the "Smell test".

Yaa know...reading his posts-especially on this Thread, reminded me a great quote by Gen. G.S. Patton: "I'd rather have a German Division in front of me than a French Division behind me!"....
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Old 06-20-2008, 02:06 AM
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Sorry! I was a way far longer than expected. This is do to several reasons. First, my leaven was longer than I wanted it to be. Second, when I got back I had to deal with a cultist of all things. Third, I had family issues come up last minute. And on and on, if you get my drift. I do not know how much time I will be able to devote to this forum but I will devote what I can. So, tacks brass, please be patient and bear with me.



- “One accurate measurement is worth more than a thousand expert opinions”

- “...this is the Word of God; come, search, ye critics, and find a flaw; examine it, from its Genesis to its Revelation, and find an error... This is the book untainted by any error; but is pure, unalloyed, perfect truth. Why? Because God wrote it. Ah! charge God with error if you please; tell him that his book is not what it ought to be. I have heard men, with prudish and mock-modesty, who would like to alter the Bible; and (I almost blush to say it) I have heard ministers alter God's Bible, because they were afraid of it... Pity they were not born when God lived far—far back that they might have taught God how to write.” Charles Haddon Spurgeon (Spurgeon's Sermons Volume 1: Sermon II p. 31)

- “If, therefore, any do complain that I have sometimes hit my opponents rather hard, I take leave to point out that 'to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the sun' : 'a time to embrace, and a time to be far from embracing' : a time for speaking smoothly, and a time for speaking sharply. And that when the words of Inspiration are seriously imperilled, as now they are, it is scarcely possible for one who is determined effectually to preserve the Deposit in its integrity, to hit either too straight or too hard.” Dean John William Burgon (The Revision Revised. pp. vii-viii)

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